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About RRM

Resuscitation is characterised by multiple simultaneous processes that are proceeding at different rates. Resuscitation management therefore requires a skill set that enables a group of clinicians to simultaneously assess, manage, and re-prioritise these processes.  Added to the dynamic nature of resuscitation illness, is the dynamic & heterogenous nature of the group of individuals who congregate in the resus room, which can vary from well rehearsed teams, through groups of total strangers, to a single doctor & a single nurse.  Skill mixes and priorities can vary widely: between institutions, within any given hospital, and even between different resuscitations run in the same ED shift.

RRM has been created  to help Emergency Department medical and nursing staff develop a skill set that will allow them to better manage resuscitation cases, to enhance group dynamics and functionality, improve communication, to deal with external “help” in an optimal fashion, expedite disposition and maximise patient safety.

Who is behind RRM?

resusroom.mx has been created by Dr Andy Buck, an Emergency Physician from Melbourne, Australia.
You can see my other projects here:


…and Dr Amit Maini, another Emergency Physician from Melbourne, who runs the excellent ED Trauma & Critical Care blog.