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Is resus like football? The debate is on at StEmlyn’s

Rich over at the amazing St Emlyn’s blog did a fantastic post this week where he mentioned the “seriously awesome” Resus Room Management site (thanks Rich!) and the post I did about teamwork.  In it he described how he likens resus to his weekly “football” (read “soccer” for Aussies) matches.  His team is often heterogenous, contains some difficult to manage personalities and egos, and does better when a clear leader is identified, the team is communicating, the leader is listening, there is a pre-match briefing, and a post match debrief, and the emotional tone in the team is read, understood and modulated.

The comments are pouring in on this post, so get over and check it out. Some of the pertinent points raised include:

  • Medical people have egos and personalities equivalently difficult to manage as some football/soccer players!
  • Having a team leader who stands back and doesn’t get involved is beneficial (analogous to the football team managers who direct play from the sideline)
  • The best laid plans often need to change based on the opposition you are facing
  • To fail to plan is to plan to fail (thanks Simon)
  • Simulation is beneficial for resus training

If you haven’t been to the StEmlyn’s blog, get over and check it out, it’s a great #FOAMed resource and is well worth subscribing to their RSS feed, or follow them on Twitter.






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