Resus Room Management

The Resus “Time Out!”

“Time Outs” have been used in the operating theatre for many years. They are designed as an error reduction method, whereby everyone in the theatre stops what they are doing whilst a checklist is run through, ensuring that the correct procedure is being carried out, on the correct patient, by the correct people with the […]

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Is resus like football? The debate is on at StEmlyn’s

Rich over at the amazing St Emlyn’s blog did a fantastic post this week where he mentioned the “seriously awesome” Resus Room Management site (thanks Rich!) and the post I did about teamwork.  In it he described how he likens resus to his weekly “football” (read “soccer” for Aussies) matches.  His team is often heterogenous, […]

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Resus Room Setup: The Monitor

For my entire Emergency training, every time I intubated or sedated someone, or dealt with any resus patient from the head of the bed, I had to constantly look over my shoulder to look at a monitor that was attached to the wall behind me, whilst trying not to lose focus on the patient laying […]

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Aviation vs Emergency Medicine: CRM Smackdown

Comparisons between aviation and medicine are commonplace, and have made their way into the medical literature, forming the basis for the attempts at application of CRM in medical settings. Whilst there are some common elements, such as being responsible for peoples lives in an error prone environment, CRM is an industry specific concept that has […]

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Own The Resus – Talk by Cliff Reid

Everyone’s been talking about this presentation by Cliff Reid from, with good reason.  Cliff is a master resuscitationist, and in this talk he presents succinct job specific tasks that you can start doing tomorrow at work, to “Own the Resus”. You can also listen to the version from Essentials 2012 over at EM Tutorials […]

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TeamSTEPPS – Could Organisational Change Improve Resus Management?

TeamSTEPPS (Team Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety) is a program that has been developed in the US, that works from the “bottom up” to implement organisational change related to patient safety and teamwork (there’s that word again).  The program is based on a site-specific, comprehensive needs-analysis, and is followed by planning, […]

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Cliff Reid & The Resus Room Safety Officer

Cliff Reid has just done a great post over at, on the utility of having a dedicated, hands-off, resus room safety officer, whose role is to ensure a checklist of items is monitored during resus, encompassing items such as Environment, Personnel, Patient Transfer to resus room bed, Clinical Plans and Action Prompts, and Patient […]

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Why CRM should’t be used in Emergency Medicine – Part 1

The aviation model of CRM, whilst tempting to adopt, is an industry specific set of skills and practices that has evolved over several decades, and is based on analysis of hundreds of airplane crashes, accidents and near-misses. To try and drag the concepts of CRM across and overlay them onto an entirely different industry is […]

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Why “teamwork” doesn’t work in Resuscitation

The majority of hospital resuscitations occur in Emergency Department resus rooms.  Except in the most organised institutions, the group that assembles in ED resus rooms does not fit the definition of a “team”.  Use of the word “team” leads to false expectations, and feelings of failure when “teamwork” has not occurred. Teams train & practice […]

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